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New Epson C8 - Epson

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Epson - New Epson C8

New Epson C8 by Epson

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* Fast Cycle Times with crisp motion
* EPSON Exclusive... Residual Vibration Control (see features/benefits section)
* Best in Class Motion Range
* Compact design for maximum flexibility
* ISO Class 3 Clean/ESD and Protected (IP67) Compliant Models

The EPSON C8 compact 6-Axis robots provide high performance in a slimline package. With up to 8Kg of payload, EPSON C8 robots handle mid-sized 6-axis jobs while keeping an extremely small footprint. Just like our EPSON C4 robots, the C8 design includes a unique compact wrist pitch as well as a slim body elbow design. Bottom line, EPSON C8 robots were made for big jobs in tiny spaces. Our goal was to build a robust robot in a compact shell capable of meeting EPSON's high performance standards. The new EPSON C8 does that and more by allowing payloads up to 8Kg while maintaining fast speeds and cycle times.

EPSON C8 compact 6-Axis robots have cycle times of 0.33 seconds (with a 3Kg payload) which is faster than many competitors SCARA models. Starting with 1000W motors on the J1 axis, EPSON C8 robots are powerful yet compact. The EPSON C8's footprint to motion range ratio is in a class by itself and the outstanding flexibility allows EPSON robots to do jobs that other small 6 axis arms simply cannot do (or that take much more cycle time to complete).

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Epson Distributor - Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska

EPSON robots are well known for leading the industry in ease of use, performance and reliability. EPSON robots first came to the North and South American market back in 1984.EPSON robots quickly became popular in many of the top manufacturing sites throughout the world. Over the past 30 years EPSON Robots has been leading the industry for small parts assembly applications and has introduced many industry firsts including PC based controls, compact SCARA robots, and much more.