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Tolomatic Distributor

Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska

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Tolomatic Distributor - Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska


Tolomatic's reputation for innovative linear motion products is earned daily through the efforts of our Engineering, Operation, and Sales associates. Over 35% of our business comes from non-cataloged product solutions. In applications ranging from bottle capping to spot welding and packaging to material handling, Tolomatic's products are hard at work.

Tolomatic designs, manufactures, and markets automation components in three different technologies:

Pneumatic products: rodless cylinders— band cylinders, linear slides, cable cylinders and magnetically coupled cylinders/slides— and rod cylinder slides.

Electric motion products: Axidyne® brand of linear actuators (rod and rodless style), DC servo motors and controls. Tolomatic also offers ServoWeldTM products for high-production spot welding applications, including servo linear actuators, drives/controls and feedback.

Power Transmission products: innovative Float-A-Shaft® and SlideRite™ right-angle gear boxes, disc cone clutches, industrial and mobile (off-highway) caliper brakes.

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Tolomatic Products

Tolomatic does not have any products featured at this time.

Sample Tolomatic Part Numbers:



 GSA32 BNL05 SK13 RP1 ST1 COB CK-- YM011003 ,





 BC212 SK64 000,


 GSA24 BNL05 SK24 LMI ST1 COB YM011003 ,









 MXE50S BN05 SM120 LMI YM142503 MP2 TY3,




 MXB25P BWS18 SK24.000 SDB YM661006 RY2,

 MXB25P BWS18 SK25.000 SDB YM661006 RY2,

 MXB25P BWS18 SK24.000 SDB YM266106 RY2,

 MXB25P BWS18 SK25.000 SDB YM266106 RY2,

 B3S15 BN05 SK12.000 LMI TS2 YM052502